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  • Kangaroo Route


    A Qantas Boeing 747 with the kangaroo livery on display as it lands at London Heathrow Airport The Kangaroo Route traditionally refers to air routes flown by Qantas between Australia and the United Kingdom via the Eastern Hemisphere. The term is trademarked by Qantas, although it is used in the media and by airline competitors. By 2003 over 20 airlines operated the route. Two airlines offer through flights (i.e. not requiring passengers to change plane en route) on the Kangaroo Route: British Airways and Qantas. On 11 December 2016, Qantas announced non-stop flights from Perth to London on the Boeing 787 and the first flight took place on 25 March 2018, becoming the first scheduled non-stop flight between Australia and Europe.

  • Low-cost carrier


    A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (occasionally referred to as no-frills, budget or discount carrier, and abbreviated as LCC) is an airline without most of the traditional services provided in the fare, resulting in lower fares and fewer comforts. To make up for revenue lost in decreased ticket prices, the airline may charge for extras such as food, priority boarding, seat allocating, and baggage. As of July 2014, the world's largest low-cost carrier is Southwest Airlines, which operates in the United States and some surrounding areas. Airbus A319 of Germanwings and an Airbus A320 of Air Berlin at Zurich Airport. Both carriers were among the largest budget airlines in Germany at the time the picture was taken. The term originated within the airline industry referring to airlines with a lower operating cost structure than their competitors. While the term is often applied to any carrier with low ticket prices and limited services, regardless of their operating models, low-cost carriers should not be confused with regional airlines that operate short flights without service, or with full-service airlines offering some reduced fares.

  • Cheapflights


    Cheapflights is a travel fare aggregator and travel fare metasearch engine. The website is part of the Kayak.com subsidiary of Booking Holdings. Its websites publish flight prices, and compare prices from suppliers, including major airlines, through tiny travel agents. The company uses pay-per-click and display advertising. Agents advertise on the Cheapflights websites and are charged on a pay-per-click basis for users who link through to their websites.

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