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  • Van Nuys


    Van Nuys is a neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. Home to Van Nuys Airport and the Valley Municipal Building, it is the only neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley with a population of more than 136,443.

  • Los Angeles International Airport


    Los Angeles International Airport is the primary international airport serving Los Angeles, California. The airport is most often referred to by its IATA airport code (and FAA LID) LAX, with the letters pronounced individually. LAX is located south of the Westchester district of the City of Los Angeles, California, southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, between the district of Westchester to its immediate north, the city of El Segundo to its immediate south and the city of Inglewood to its immediate east. It is owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), an agency of the government of Los Angeles, formerly known as the Department of Airports. Covering 3,500 acres (1,416 ha) of land, LAX is also notable for its four parallel runways. In 2017, LAX handled 84,557,968 passengers, making it the world's fifth busiest and the United States' second busiest airport following Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. As the largest and busiest international airport on the U.S. West Coast, LAX is a major international gateway to the United States, and also serves a connection point for some passengers traveling internationally.

  • FlyAway (bus)


    FlyAway is a shuttle bus service created and funded by Los Angeles World Airports, which transports passengers non-stop to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Currently, there are five routes in service with separate schedules. Most make no stops in between LAX and their terminal station. At the airport, the buses are distinguished by their light blue color and large FlyAway logo appliques. Buses pick up travelers at every terminal on the arrival level under green signs reading FlyAway, Buses and Long-Distance Vans. When dropping off passengers, the bus stops at each airport terminal on the departure level. The Van Nuys and Union Station routes use larger motorcoach buses, while the Westwood, Hollywood, and Long Beach routes use smaller cutaway shuttle buses or low-floor transit-style buses. As well as using the blue FlyAway branded buses, sometimes FlyAway Bus routes use buses from the fleet of its operators which do not have the same blue livery. The FlyAway bus network is owned by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), which also owns and operates LAX and Van Nuys Airport.

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