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  • V10 engine


    The Dodge Viper V10 A V10 engine is a V engine with 10 cylinders in two banks of five. It is longer than a V8 engine but shorter than a straight-6 engine or V12 engine.

  • Cosworth


    A Ford-Cosworth DFV on a Ligier JS11Cosworth is a British automotive engineering company founded in London in , specialising in high-performance internal combustion engines, powertrain, and electronics; for automobile racing (motorsport) and mainstream automotive industries. Cosworth is based in Northampton, England, with North American facilities in Indianapolis, Shelby Charter Township, Michigan and Mooresville, North Carolina. Cosworth has collected 176 wins in Formula One (F1) as engine supplier, ranking second with most wins behind Ferrari.

  • Ford F-250 Super Chief


    The Ford F-250 Super Chief was a concept truck built by Ford. It featured a tri-flex fueling system that allows users to use three different fuels including gasoline, E85 ethanol or hydrogen. This is intended to make the Super Chief more attractive to customers who are concerned about finding fuel as the ethanol and hydrogen infrastructures are developing. In a tri-flex fueling system owners can utilize any given option at any one time. It comes with a stock bed cover and liner, it is a Ford crew cab. The back door has been converted to a suicide door. The vehicle is expected to hit the production line by 2020. It has a custom body and exhaust system never before seen on a Ford truck. Though the few aspects given about the vehicle show it to be a luxury, not working truck., The tri-flex fueling system on the Ford F-250 Super Chief allows operators to go 500 miles between total refueling with the supercharger activated only when using the hydrogen fueling system. The hydrogen system also provides 400 lb.-ft. of torque. The transfer between fueling options is performed through a switching system onboard and can be accomplished while the vehicle is running. The hydrogen based fuel alternative boasts 12-percent greater fuel efficiency when compared to either of the remaining fueling options. Using hydrogen also provides 99-percent less CO2 emissions than the gasoline-only option. While the tri-flex system is a new concept at Ford, the automaker has been committed to providing customers with a flex-fueling system in their F-150 models for 2005 and 2006 that allows either unleaded or E85 to be used in the same tank. The tri-flex system is a bold proclamation by Ford that hydrogen may be the next readily available fuel supply for the world and they are ready to roll with the roll out.

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