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  • Vehicle identification number


    VIN on a Chinese moped Porsche 993 GT2 VIN visible in the windshield VIN is recorded in Vehicle License of China. A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique code, including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, as defined in ISO 3779 (content and structure) and ISO 4030 (location and attachment). VINs were first used in 1954 in the United States. From 1954 to 1981, there was no accepted standard for these numbers, so different manufacturers used different formats. In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States standardized the format. It required all on-road vehicles sold to contain a 17-character VIN, which does not include the letters I (i), O (o), and Q (q) (to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0). There are vehicle history services in several countries that help potential car owners use VINs to find vehicles that are defective or have been written off. See the Used car article for a list of countries where this service is available.

  • HPI Check


    HPI Check is a vehicle history check service provided exclusively by HPI in the UK. HPI pioneered the vehicle history check in 1938. The HPI Check produces a report that provides information about a vehicle's history, mainly if it has outstanding finance, or if it is written off, stolen or clocked, among other things. The term "HPI Check" is a term widely used to describe an actual vehicle history check throughout the motoring industry in the UK. However, "HPI Check" is a registered trade name of HPI. An HPI Check is usually performed just before purchasing a used car from a dealer or a private buyer to discover whether the vehicle has a hidden history. The check can reveal vital alerts that can help protect used car buyers from fraudsters. An HPI Check does not only check the history of used cars but can be used to check any vehicle that is registered with the DVLA including; vans, motorbikes, quad bikes and motor homes. The HPI Check history report data comes from the DVLA, the National Mileage Register, Police records, insurance companies, finance houses and industry bodies. The HPI Check Report is available to both consumers and dealers all over the UK.

  • Carsforsale.com


    Carsforsale.com is an online automotive marketing and classifieds website that connects buyers with sellers of vehicles. The company, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offers a product line to automotive dealers that includes Carsforsale.com vehicle listings, dealership websites, and inventory, lead and data management.

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