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  • Colonial architecture


    Danish Fort Dansborg at Tranquebar, built by Ove Gedde in 1620.Colonial architecture is an architectural style from a mother country that has been incorporated into the buildings of settlements or colonies in distant locations. Colonists frequently built settlements that synthesized the architecture of their countries of origin with the design characteristics of their new lands, creating hybrid designs. Below are links to specific articles about colonial architecture, specifically the modern colonies:

  • Bedroom in Arles


    Bedroom in Arles (; ) is the title given to each of three similar paintings by 19th-century Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh's own title for this composition was simply The Bedroom (French: La Chambre à coucher). There are three authentic versions described in his letters, easily discernible from one another by the pictures on the wall to the right. The painting depicts van Gogh's bedroom at 2, Place Lamartine in Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône, France, known as the Yellow House. The door to the right opened on to the upper floor and the staircase; the door to the left was that of the guest room he held prepared for Gauguin; the window in the front wall looked on to Place Lamartine and its public gardens. This room was not rectangular but trapezoid with an obtuse angle in the left hand corner of the front wall and an acute angle at the right.

  • Blyth Terrace


    Blyth Terrace is a heritage-listed residence located at 82-88 Kent Street, in the inner city Sydney suburb of Millers Point in the City of Sydney local government area of New South Wales, Australia. It was designed by Fowell & McConnel and built by Messrs Hutcherson Bros. It is also known as AMA House. The property was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999.

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