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  • Serzedo e Perosinho


    Serzedo e Perosinho is a civil parish in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. It was formed in 2013 by the merger of the former parishes Serzedo and Perosinho. The population in 2011 was 14,250, in an area of 11.97 km².

  • You Are Here (Banco de Gaia album)


  • Psychick Warriors ov Gaia


    Psychick Warriors ov Gaia is a group of Dutch techno music producers from the town of Tilburg. It is also known as PWOG, Thee Disciples ov Gaia and Sluagh Ghairm, two of its members were affiliated to Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth. The group has included Bobby Reiner, Boris Hiesserer, Joris Hilckmann, Reinier Brekelmans, Reinoud van den Broek, Robbert Heynen and Tim Freeman. Heynen started eXquisite CORpsE, a musical side project which had several releases, which he left the group in 1992 to concentrate solely on.

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