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  • Hunting and shooting in the United Kingdom


    Deer stalkers in the Scotland In the United Kingdom hunting without qualification generally refers to hunting with hounds-normally fox hunting, beagling, stag (deer) hunting or minkhunting-whereas shooting is the shooting of game birds. What is called deer hunting elsewhere is deer stalking. game shooting and deer stalking are carried on as field sports in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Hunting with hounds in the traditional manner became unlawful in Scotland in 2002 and in England and Wales in 2005, but continues in certain excepted forms. Traditional foxhunting continues in Northern Ireland. Following a trail (similar to drag hunting) rather than a live quarry has subsequently grown in importance in Great Britain, as has hunting foxes to a bird of prey. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) says that over a million people a year participate in shooting, including game shooting, clay shooting and target shooting. In 2005 it became unlawful in England and Wales to shoot flights or game birds while they are not in flight, an action which has long been considered unsporting in any event.

  • International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)


    The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) (French: Conseil International de la Chasse et de la Conservation du Gibier, German: Internationaler Rat zur Erhaltung des Wildes und der Jagd) is a politically independent not-for-profit advisory body, aiming to preserve wildlife through the promotion of sustainable use of wildlife resources. The acronym CIC comes from the organisation’s original French name Conseil International de la Chasse. The CIC was founded in 1928. Up until 1999, the headquarters of the CIC was located in Paris. Today, the CIC has its headquarters in Hungary. At present, the organisation unites 26 State Members (represented by the Ministries responsible for wildlife management and conservation, or the delegated institution), a wide range of organisations engaged in hunting and conservation, as well as individuals such as private members and scientific experts from 86 countries around the world. The official languages of the CIC are English, French, and German.

  • Hunting in Australia


    The University of Queensland estimates that Australia has around 300,000 active hunters investing a conservative $556,650,000 annually into the Australian economy. Australia has a population of about twenty-three million, of which one million are involved in shooting and firearms. there is around 5.8 million legally owned firearms in Australia ranging from bolt action, pump action, lever action and semi-automatic firearms. A survey of recreational hunters identified the following usage rates of particular hunting methods: Rifle 92.3%, Bow 16.4%, Black Powder 3.4%, Shotgun 56.0%, Dogs only 8.6%, Other 3.3%

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