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  • Greyhound Lines


    Greyhound Lines, Inc., usually shortened to Greyhound, is an intercity bus common carrier serving over 3,800 destinations across North America. The company's first route began in Hibbing, Minnesota in 1914, and the company adopted the Greyhound name in 1929. Since October 2007, Greyhound has been a subsidiary of British transportation company FirstGroup, but continues to be based in Dallas, Texas, where it has been headquartered since 1987. Greyhound and its sister companies in FirstGroup America are the largest motorcoach operators in the United States and Canada.

  • Greyhound Mexico


    Greyhound de México, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican non-carrier subsidiary of Dallas, Texas, based Greyhound Lines, providing marketing services in Spanish for other subsidiary companies with cross-border bus routes. Greyhound Lines has two subsidiaries operating in Mexico, each of which provide service to destinations in northern Mexico: Greyhound Lines México, S. de R.L. de C.V., serving points within Mexico and between Mexico and the United States; and Americanos U.S.A., L.L.C., serving the cross-border market. Greyhound Lines have also entered into an agreement with Grupo Estrella Blanca, the largest bus operator in Mexico, and other Mexican bus lines, all of which provide connections to many more destinations.

  • Atlantic Greyhound Lines


    The Atlantic Greyhound Lines (called also Atlantic or AGL), a highway-coach carrier, was a Greyhound regional operating company, based in Charleston, West Virginia, USA, from 1931 until 1960, when it became merged with the Southeastern Greyhound Lines (called also Southeastern, SEG, SEGL, or the SEG Lines), a neighboring operating company, thus forming the Southern Division of The Greyhound Corporation (the parent Greyhound firm), which division became called also the Southern Greyhound Lines (GL).

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