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  • List of Harley-Davidson motorcycles


    A list of motorcycles produced under the Harley-Davidson brand.

  • Harley-Davidson XLCR


    The Harley-Davidson XLCR was an American café racer motorcycle manufactured by Harley-Davidson between 1977 and 1979. Some say that designer Willie G. Davidson created it from the existing XLCH Sportster, initially as his personal vehicle.Harley-Davidson XLCR#cite note-FOOTNOTETooth2012-1|1 The bike was actually designed by a committee of three people: Bob Modero (an engineer at Harley) Jim Haubert (Jim Haubert Engineering) hired as an independent Skunkworks contractor and Willie G. Although he was not present, this group had a strong styling influence from Dean Wixom when the three decided, as one of the starting points, to enlarge a dirt track XR750 fuel tank. Mr. Wixom was the original designer of this fuel tank. Changed styling included the addition of a "bikini" fairing, slim front fender, reshaped fuel tank, a pillion-free saddle and unique "siamesed" two-into-two exhaust. It was "largely ignored" by consumers when launched in the 1970s, and "famously a sales flop", a "narcoleptic turner" due to long wheelbase and cruiser-like steering geometry, with "lethargic performance", but by thirty years later, had become a collectors item.

  • Harley-Davidson Super Glide


    The Harley-Davidson Super Glide was a motorcycle model made by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Reputed to be the first factory custom motorcycle, it originated Harley's FX series of motorcycles by mating Sportster components, most notably the front end, with the chassis of their larger big twin motorcycles. Super Glide models from 1991 to 2017 were based on the Dyna Glide chassis which offers a wider variety of front ends and trim levels, and for a time filled the intermediate niche between the smallest and largest Harley models; the Dyna platform has since been discontinued for the 2018 model year in favor of the new Softail frame, with some models from the Dyna nameplate being carried over to the Softail line.

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