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  • List of motorcycles of the 1910s


    Henderson Model F of 1916 View of a 1910 Husqvarna Moto-Reve 1911 Harley-Davidson Model 7D 1916 Indian Powerplus 1916 Thor Model AJS Model D Pierce Four, sold from 1909 to 1913 when the company went out of business 1912 Rover 3-speedList of motorcycles of the 1910s is a listing of motorcycles of the 1910s, including those on sale, introduced, or otherwise relevant in this period The 1910s has its share of expensive historic motorcycles sold at auction, especially the brands Cyclone and Flying Merkel. A 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer went for $852,500 USD at an auction in 2015, one of the just 12 that survived; another of this model sold for $551,200 in 2008. A 1911 Flying Merkel Board Track Racer went for $423,500 USD in 2015 and a 1911 Flying Merkel for $201,250 USD in 2011. A 1911 Harley-Davidson 7D went for $283,400 USD in 2014. The 850k for the Cyclone Board Track was the highest price yet known to be paid publicly for a motorcycle auction (of any decade).Examples: Acme Acme (by EMY Ready) AJS Model D ANA Autoped Bat No. 2 Light Roadster Blackburne motorcycles Bi-Autogo Cleveland motorcycle Cyclone motorcycles Cyclone Board Track Racer (1915 V-Twin).

  • American Flat Track


    American Flat Track, is an American motorcycle track racing series. The race series was founded and sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) in 1954. Following the 2016 season, AMA Pro Racing announced the official re-branding of the all-new American Flat Track (AFT) series - formerly known as AMA Pro Flat Track. The re-branding of the series coincided with the dawn of a new era for America’s favorite motorcycle sport, which includes a restructured class system as well as a re-envisioning of the event format. While holding true to the legacy of a sport rich in history, the modifications are designed to provide a more understandable and exciting format for the modern fans and make the series more accessible to new fans. The race series encompasses four distinct forms of competitions including: mile, half-mile, short-track, and TT steeplechase dirt track races.

  • Honda Super Cub


    The Honda Super Cub or Honda Cub is a Honda underbone motorcycle with a four stroke single cylinder engine ranging in displacement from . In continuous manufacture since 1958 with production surpassing 60 million in 2008, 87 million in 2014, and 100 million in 2017, the Super Cub is the most produced motor vehicle in history. Variants include the C100, C50, C70, C90, C100EX and C70 Passport, as well as the Honda Trail series. In 2017, the 100 millionth Super Cub was produced at Honda's Kumamoto Assembly Plant which commemorated the 60th year of its nameplate since 1958. The Super Cub's US advertising campaign, You meet the nicest people on a Honda, had a lasting impact on Honda's image and on American attitudes to motorcycling, and is often used as a marketing case study.

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