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  • Craig Vetter


    Craig Vetter posing with his 1981 streamliner at AMA Motorcycle Museum in Pickerington, OH, in July 2016Craig Vetter (born July 28, 1942 in Selma, Alabama) is an American entrepreneur and motorcycle designer. His work was acknowledged when in 1999 he was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. His Vetter Fairing Company created aftermarket motorcycle fairings in the 1970s before manufacturers themselves included fairings on their products. The product has been cited as once being so ubiquitous that the term "Windjammer" was interchangeable with "fairing". The company at one time was the second largest motorcycle industry manufacturer in the United States, behind only Harley-Davidson. He founded Equalizer Corp and his innovative human powered design won the Boston Marathon wheelchair class in 1982. In 1998, Vetter's design for the British Triumph Hurricane was selected to be in the Guggenheim Museum's The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit which toured the world, and has since become a cult icon and much-valued collectors' item among owners' groups.

  • Kawasaki GPZ900R


    The Kawasaki GPZ900R (also known as the ZX900A or Ninja 900) is a motorcycle that was manufactured by Kawasaki from 1984 to 2003. It is the earliest member of the Ninja family of sport bikes. The 1984 GPZ900R (or ZX900A-1) was a revolutionary design that became the immediate predecessor of the modern-day sport bike. Developed in secret over six years, it was Kawasaki's and the world's first 16-valve liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle engine, years ahead of rival manufacturers' efforts. The 908 cc four-cylinder engine delivered , allowing the bike to reach speeds of , making it the first stock road bike to exceed . Prior to its design, Kawasaki envisioned producing a sub-liter engine that would be the successor to the Z1. Although its steel frame, 16-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels, air suspension, and anti-dive forks were fairly standard at that time, the narrow, compact engine was mounted lower in the frame, allowing it to take Japanese superbike performance to a new level. Only three months after being unveiled to the press in December 1983, dealers entered three works GPZ900R bikes in the Isle of Man Production TT finishing in first and second place.

  • Harley-Davidson FL


    Shovelhead Electra Glide with Twin-Cam Electra Glide in background The Harley-Davidson FL is a model designation used on Harley-Davidson motorcycles since 1941. The FL prefix is mostly applied to Harley-Davidson's large-framed bikes, including the current Touring series, and also the Softail series, especially those with traditional styling, 16-inch front wheels, and either Springer forks or large-diameter telescopic front forks.

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