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  • Paris, Texas (film)


    Paris, Texas is a 1984 road movie directed by Wim Wenders and starring Harry Dean Stanton, Dean Stockwell, Nastassja Kinski, and Hunter Carson. The screenplay was written by L.M. Kit Carson and playwright Sam Shepard, while the distinctive musical score was composed by Ry Cooder. The film was a co-production between companies in France and West Germany, and was shot in the United States by Robby Müller. The plot focuses on an amnesiac named Travis (Stanton) who, after mysteriously wandering out of the desert, attempts to reunite with his brother (Stockwell) and seven-year-old son (Carson). After reconnecting with his son, Travis and the boy end up embarking on a voyage through the American Southwest to track down Travis' long-missing wife (Kinski). At the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, the film won the Palme d'Or from the official jury, as well as the FIPRESCI Prize and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. It went on to win other honors and critical acclaim.

  • Home from the Hill (film)


    Home from the Hill is a 1960 American Metrocolor drama film in CinemaScope directed by Vincente Minnelli and starring Robert Mitchum, Eleanor Parker, George Peppard, George Hamilton, Everett Sloane, and Luana Patten. The script was adapted from the 1958 novel of the same name by William Humphrey. The film was entered into the 1960 Cannes Film Festival. The film's title is from the last line of Robert Louis Stevenson's short poem "Requiem". This film was originally intended for actors Clark Gable and Bette Davis, but the roles then went to Robert Mitchum and Eleanor Parker. As of 2018 the film's only surviving credited cast member is George Hamilton.

  • Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs


    221 East 11th Street, which has offices for Texas Department of Housing and Community AffairsThe Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) is the state's lead agency responsible for homeownership, affordable rental housing, community and energy assistance programs, and colonia activities serving primarily low income Texans. The Manufactured Housing Division of TDHCA regulates the manufactured housing industry in Texas. The Department annually administers more than $400 million through for-profit, nonprofit, and local government partnerships to deliver local housing and community-based opportunities and assistance to Texans in need. The department is headquartered at 221 East 11th Street in Austin.

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