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  • Cowboy bedroll


    The cowboy bedroll was an American Old West precursor to the modern sleeping bag, which carried a man's bed and some personal belongings in a waterproof shell. In Australia, it was called a swag. swag roll", ca. 1901

  • Joint (geology)


    Horizontal joints in the sedimentary rocks of the foreground and a more varied set of joints in the granitic rocks in the background. Image from the Kazakh Uplands in Balkhash District, Kazakhstan. bedding plane in flagstones, Caithness, Scotland Joints in the Almo Pluton, City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho. A rock in Abisko fractured along existing joints possibly by mechanical frost weathering Columnar jointed basalt in Turkey Columnar jointing in basalt, Marte Vallis, Mars Parra Wirra, South Australia. Joint spacing in mechanically stronger limestone beds shows increase with bed thickness, Lilstock Bay, Somerset A joint is a break (fracture) of natural origin in the continuity of either a layer or body of rock that lacks any visible or measurable movement parallel to the surface (plane) of the fracture. Although they can occur singly, they most frequently occur as joint sets and systems. A joint set is a family of parallel, evenly spaced joints that can be identified through mapping and analysis of the orientations, spacing, and physical properties. A joint system consists of two or more intersecting joint sets.

  • Comforter


    A comforter (in American English), also known as a doona in Australian English, or a continental quilt (or simply quilt) or duvet in British English, is a type of bedding made of two lengths of fabric or covering sewn together and filled with insulative materials for warmth, traditionally down or feathers, wool or cotton batting, silk, or polyester and other down alternative fibers. Like quilts, comforters are generally laid over a top bed sheet (and sometimes also blankets). Duvets are another form of quilt, traditionally filled with feathers, though since the late 20th century often made of synthetic fibres or down alternatives. A white comforter A comforter is sometimes covered for protection and prolonged use. Comforter covers are similar in principle to pillowcases, usually closed with zippers or buttons. In the United Kingdom the term comforter is not generally used. It is instead called a quilt (or continental quilt), duvet or an eiderdown. A duvet differs in that it is thicker and usually used without blankets or extra sheets.

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