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  • Growden Mansion


    Growdon Mansion, also known as Trevose Manor, is a local historical landmark in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania, USA. It played an important role in early Bucks County history. The mansion sits along the Neshaminy Creek in Bensalem, a township that borders the northeast section of Philadelphia, in the northeastern United States.

  • Trevose station


    Trevose station is a station along the SEPTA West Trenton Line to Ewing, New Jersey. It is located at Ridge and Boundbrook Avenues in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania. The station has off-street parking and a handicapped-accessible platform, however SEPTA has recently announced that they've expanded the number of parking spaces to 219. In FY 2013, Trevose station had a weekday average of 283 boardings and 275 alightings. Depending on the source, Trevose station was originally built either in 1889 or 1893 by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. The former station house was torn down and replaced with a small shelter to protect commuters from the elements.

  • List of the oldest buildings in Pennsylvania


    This article lists the oldest extant buildings in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, including the oldest houses in the state and certain other extant structures. Some dates are approximate, based upon dendrochronology, architectural studies, and historical records. Sites on the list are generally from the First Period of American architecture or earlier. All listed sites either date from prior to 1776, or are the oldest building in their county or large city, or are the oldest of their type (for example: churches, schools, firehouses, or government buildings).

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