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  • Barleywood


    Barleywood is a farm in Jefferson County, West Virginia, on land once owned by Samuel Washington, brother of George Washington. The farm is close to Samuel's manor house, Harewood, from which the Barleywood property was subdivided in 1841. The Barleywood house was built in 1842, as well as several outbuildings which survive. The house has been vacant since the 1960s and has suffered from vandalism.

  • Snodgrass Tavern


    Snodgrass Tavern is an historic tavern located near Hedgesville in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The structure was built in stages beginning around 1742, and is one of the oldest buildings in West Virginia still standing. It is uncertain when the structure became a tavern; but according to Early Hedgesville Chronicles 1720-1947, by William Moore, an account of Robert Snodgrass's wife, Susannah and their first daughter, baby Elizabeth describes it having been used as a tavern during the Indian wars at the brink of the French and Indian War (early to mid 1750s). Specifically, they hid beneath the floors of the tavern, while the Indians drank and fought above. The tavern lasted until 1847, when the property was sold as a private residence. The structure and surrounding property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage


    The Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, also known as the Berkeley Castle, is located on a hill above Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The castle-like house was built for Colonel Samuel Taylor Suit of Washington, D.C. as a personal retreat near the spa town, beginning in 1885. It was not complete by the time of his death in 1888 and was finished in the early 1890s for his widow, Rosa Pelham Suit, whom Suit had first met at Berkeley Springs. The post 1888 work is of noticeably inferior quality. The fifteen-room interior features a ballroom wide and long. The design is attributed to Washington architect Alfred B. Mullett, who is alleged to have drawn a rough sketch of the plan on a tablecloth at the Berkeley Springs Hotel. The design may have been based on elements of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Detailed design and construction supervision was carried out by Snowden Ashford, who designed Washington's Eastern Market, apprenticed for Mullett and is also credited as an architect. Mrs. Suit entertained lavishly at the house until her money ran out and the property was sold in 1913. The house is now privately owned and is available for rentals for special occasions.

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