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  • Irish property bubble


    Houses prices in Ireland (2000–2010) The Irish property bubble was the overshooting part of a long-term price increase of real estate in the Republic of Ireland from the late 1990s to 2007, a period known as the Celtic Tiger. In 2006 the prices peaked at the top of the bubble, with a combination of increased speculative construction and rapidly rising prices; in 2007 the prices first stabilised and then started falling until 2010. By the second quarter of 2010, house prices in Ireland had fallen by 35% compared with the second quarter of 2007, and the number of housing loans approved fell by 73%. The fall in domestic and commercial property prices contributed to the post-2008 Irish banking crisis. House prices in Dublin, the largest city, were at one point down 56% from their peak and apartment prices down over 62%. For a time, house prices returned to 20th century levels and mortgage approvals dropped to 1971 levels. As of December 2012, more than 28% of Irish mortgages are in arrears or have been restructured and commercial and buy-to-let arrears are at 18%.

  • Myer House (Dublin, Ohio)


    The Myer House is a historic farmhouse in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, United States. One of the area's older agricultural buildings, the house has seen few changes since its mid-nineteenth-century construction, and it has been designated a historic site. The Myer House is a brick building with a stone foundation, a metal roof, and various elements of stone. Constructed in 1850, the house is among Washington Township's earlier farm-related buildings. The structure is a simple rectangle divided into five bays, while the two-bay sides rise to gables. Some of the windows are arched rather than rectangular, with their glass divided into six separate panes, while the windows are surrounded by stone windowsills and lintels. The overhanging roof forms eaves with brackets for support. Few modifications have been made to the house since it was erected. Prominent among the few exceptions was the addition of extra rooms: a rear wing, one and a half stories tall, was attached to the original two-story house long after the original building was completed.

  • Dover Township, Union County, Ohio


    Dover Township is one of the fourteen townships of Union County, Ohio, United States. The 2010 census found 2,158 people in the township.

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