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  • Hummer H3


    The Hummer H3 is a sport utility vehicle/off-road vehicle from Hummer that was produced from 2005 to 2010 by GM, not AM General like the earlier H1 and H2. It was introduced for the 2006 model year, based on a modified GMT355 that underpinned the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon compact pickup trucks that were also built at GM's Shreveport Operations in Shreveport, Louisiana and the Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa. The H3 was the smallest Hummer model. It was available either as a traditional midsize SUV or as a midsize pickup known as the H3T. The H3 and the Colorado/Canyon are very different. GM claims they share only 10% of their components, with the chassis modified and reinforced for heavy off-road duties.

  • Humvee manufacturing in China


    Dongfeng (lit. "Eastwind") EQ2050 at the Manila International Auto Show 2013. There are at least three Chinese automobile manufacturers building Humvee copies. Two of the Humvee copies rely heavily on copied U.S.-made parts including chassis, gear box, and diesel engine in the past. Currently, these companies have the capability of making indigenous parts for these Humvee-like vehicles.

  • Hummer


    Hummer was a brand of trucks and SUVs, first marketed in 1992 when AM General began selling a civilian version of the M998 Humvee. In 1998, General Motors (GM) purchased the brand name from AM General and marketed three vehicles: the original Hummer H1, based on the military Humvee, as well as the new H2 and H3 models that were based on smaller, civilian-market GM platforms. By 2008, Hummer's viability in the economic downturn was being questioned, and it was placed under review by GM management. Rather than being transferred to the Motors Liquidation Company as part of the GM bankruptcy in 2009, the brand was retained by GM, in order to investigate its sale. In 2009, a Chinese manufacturer, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company, announced that it would acquire Hummer, pending government approvals, but later withdrew its bid. On February 24, 2010, Reuters reported that the Chinese ministry of commerce had prevented the deal, although a ministry spokesperson denied rejecting the application, which had been stalled for eight months. At the end of February, General Motors announced it would begin dismantling the Hummer brand.

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