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  • Hyundai Ioniq


    The Hyundai Ioniq is a compact five door liftback manufactured and marketed by Hyundai in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric variants. The nameplate Ioniq is a portmanteau of ion and unique. The Ioniq Hybrid debuted in South Korea in January 2016. with the three variants debuting at 2016 Geneva and New York auto shows. The hybrid variant launched in its home market in February 2016, followed by the electric model in July 2016. During its first one year period in the market, global sales of the Ioniq nameplate totaled 31,165 units, consisting of 24,350 conventional hybrids, 6,797 units of the pure electric variant, and 18 plug in hybrids. At the 2017 Washington Auto Show, Hyundai announced the hybrid and EV versions would go on sale in North America by April 1, 2017. The plug in hybrid version followed in September 2017. As of the end of 2016, the model year 2017 Ioniq Electric became the EPA's most efficient vehicle – including all model years and all fuel types – with a rated fuel economy of 136 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (mpg-e) ().

  • Hyundai Sonata


    The Hyundai Sonata () is a mid-size car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1985. The first generation Sonata, which was introduced in 1985, was a facelifted Hyundai Stellar with an engine upgrade, and was withdrawn from the market in two years due to poor customer reactions. While the original was only sold in South Korea, with limited exports to Canada and New Zealand, the second generation of 1988 was widely exported.

  • Hyundai Elantra


    The Hyundai Elantra (), or Hyundai Avante (현대 아반떼) in South Korea, is a compact car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1990. The Elantra was initially marketed as the Lantra in Australia and some European markets. In Australia, this was due to the similarly named Mitsubishi Magna Elante model. This gave rise to a disagreement with other motor manufacturers, and the name was standardized as "Elantra" worldwide in 2001 (except in Korea).

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