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  • BAE Systems Maritime – Maritime Services


    BAE Systems Maritime – Maritime Services is a wholly owned subsidiary company of BAE Systems plc, specialising in repair and maintenance of Royal Navy vessels, as well as product development, naval training and through life support for radar, torpedoes and small boats. Along with BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines and BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships, it is one of three divisions of BAE Systems Maritime.

  • Halkett boat


    alt=A lone figure wearing a top hat and overcoat, sitting in a small inflatable dinghy in open water with a large ship in the background. He holds an oar in one hand, and a large umbrella held horizontally in the other. A Halkett boat is a type of lightweight inflatable boat designed by (1820–1885) during the 1840s. Halkett had long been interested in the difficulties of travelling in the Canadian Arctic, and the problems involved in designing boats light enough to be carried over arduous terrain, but robust enough to be used in extreme weather conditions. Halkett's first design was a collapsible and inflatable boat made of rubber-impregnated cloth. When deflated, the hull of the boat could be worn as a cloak, the oar used as a walking stick, and the sail as an umbrella. This was followed by a two-man craft that was small enough to fit into a knapsack, and when deflated served as a waterproof blanket. Although widely praised by Canadian explorers, Halkett's designs had a limited market, and he was unable to persuade the Royal Navy that they would serve any useful purpose in general naval service.

  • Rigid-hulled inflatable boat


    RNLI inshore rescue boat during Falmouth Lifeboat Day, August 2006 A rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) or rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) is a lightweight but high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale. The design is stable and seaworthy. The inflatable collar allows the vessel to maintain buoyancy if a large quantity of water is shipped aboard due to bad sea conditions. The RIB is a development of the inflatable boat. Uses include work boats (supporting shore facilities or larger ships) in trades that operate on the water, military craft, where they are used in patrol roles and to transport troops between vessels or ashore, and lifeboats.

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