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  • Housebarn


    A postcard photograph inside a Maison landaise Kliese Housebarn in Emmet, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Built ca. 1850 for Friedrich Kliese, an immigrant from Silesia A housebarn (also house-barn or house barn) is a building that is a combination of a house and a barn.

  • Parker Training Academy Dutch Barn


    The Parker Training Academy Dutch Barn is located at that institution on Turkey Hill Road in the town of Red Hook, New York, United States. It is a wooden structure built in two stages between 1790 and 1810. In 2007 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the last New World Dutch barns built in the Hudson Valley; by the time of its construction that building type had mostly been displaced by newer barn designs. It was extended northwards by a bay within 20 years of its construction. While it has been possible to determine this information, the original builder remains unknown. Since the mid-20th century the building has been on the campus of Parker Training Academy, part of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

  • John Haimbaugh Round Barn


    The John Haimbaugh Round Barn in Newcastle Township near Rochester, Indiana, United States, is a round barn that was built in 1914. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993. There was another 2-pitch gambrel barn in Rochester Township, built in 1915, that was still extant at the time of a 1991 survey of round barns in the state. Also in the township there had been a 3-pitch gambrel barn built in 1916, but the latter has been lost. Brothers Vernon, Oral, and Hap Kindig built the barn in 1914 for Mr. Haimbaugh. It stands on the west side of Indiana 25. The barn is surrounded by mature trees with cultivated fields on the north and west.

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