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    Wholesale Japanese Engines INC was our dream project targeted towards providing low mileage and tested used Japanese engines and transmissions compared to risky, high mileage, untested engines and transmissions that salvage yards offer. Our Japanese engines and tranmsissions have the lowest failure rate in the industry.

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    1994-97 Honda Passport 2.6L 4ZE1 REBUILT Long Block Engine (Call for Price & Availability) $ 0.00 1996-97 Izusu Rodeo 3.2L SOHC 6VD1 REBUILT Long Block Engine (Call for Price & Availability)

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    We, at JAPAN ENGINES AND PARTS, stock HIGH QUALITY used Japanese engines, transmissions, and parts from the most REPUTABLE SUPPLIERS in JAPAN. We are determined to provide HIGH QUALITY PARTS, FAST & RELIABLE SHIPPING, and EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE at the LOWEST PRICES!

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    A decade ago we named our dream project "Engine World" Our dream was based on the concept of importing low mileage used Japanese Engines and Transmissions for U.S market. We wanted to glorify the image of"Used Engines" by importing best quality and lowest mileage engines from Japanese domestic market that has the lowest failure rate.

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    Our team at our office in Japan and in Houston works hard to ensure that our Japanese engines & Transmissions from Japanese Domestic Market (J.D.M) pass stringent quality control procedures. Engines we import from Japan have the lowest failure rate because we have an in-house quality control team in Houston.

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    WELCOME TO ENGINESUS. We offer high quality Low Mileage and Rebuilt Japanese Engines and Transmissions imported from Japan, brand new engines and rebuilt engines. We have over 40 years experience in the engine business. Our specialty is Subaru Rebuilt Engines.

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