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  • Schnitzer Steel Industries


    Cascade Steel mill in McMinnville, OregonSchnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. is a steel manufacturing and scrap metal recycling company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Its Auto and Metals Recycling division collects and recycles autos, rail cars, home appliances, industrial machinery, manufacturing scrap and construction and demolition scrap from bridges, buildings and other infrastructure. It sources from 52 stores which operate under the commercial brand-name Pick-n-Pull. In fiscal 2018, the division recycled and shipped 4.3 million tons of ferrous scrap metal and 636 million pounds of nonferrous scrap metal. In 2018, it sold to customers in 26 countries. The Cascade Steel and Scrap division produces finished steel products such as rebar, wire rod, coiled rebar, merchant bar and other specialty products using nearly 100% recycled metal sourced from the Auto and Metals Recycling division. In fiscal 2016, the division sold 519,000 short tons of finished steel.

  • O'Reilly Auto Parts


    O’Reilly Auto Parts is an American auto parts retailer that provides automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the United States serving both the professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers. Founded in 1957 by the O’Reilly family, the company operates more than 5,100 stores in 47 states.

  • Vehicle title branding


    Even once rebuilt and inspected, a branded vehicle must retain a permanent record of its traumatic past.Vehicle title branding is the use of a permanent designation on a vehicle's title, registration or permit documents to indicate that a vehicle has been written off due to collision, fire or flood damage or has been sold for scrap. The designation or brand is mandatory in most provinces and states in North America when an insurer or vehicle owner writes off a vehicle as a "total loss". Typically this means the cost to repair the vehicle would equal or exceed the car's value, although legal definitions vary.

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