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  • Back to the Start (album)


    Back To The Start is the third solo release from Peter Baldrachi. Eleven of the twelve tracks appearing on Back To The Start were released on 2011’s Tomorrow Never Knows in September 2011. However, the record was pulled a few months after its initial release to be remixed by Ed Stasium, (Ramones, Mick Jagger, The Smithereens, Reverend Horton Heat, Nada Surf) in early 2012. An additional track, “Picture On My Wall” which first appeared as a B-side, was also remixed with additional parts added by Stasium (harmonica, guitar, percussion), and included on the album. The record has earned positive reviews from publications such as The Big Takeover, GhettoBlaster magazine, and PowerPopaholic. The record also features performances by guitarist, bassist, and arranger Gary Rand, keyboardists Dave Lieb (The Vinyl Skyway) and Peter Linnane (The Farewells), backing vocalists Alice Austin (The Lavas, Stark Raving Mad) and Amy Fairchild, keyboardist and 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces, The Rolling Stones, Billy Bragg), singer/songwriter Amy Rigby (solo, Wreckless Eric), multi-instrumentalist Ian Kennedy (Reverse, Dennis Brennan), and cellist Aristides Rivas.

  • Goat


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  • Peter Baldrachi


    Peter Baldrachi (born February 12, 1967) is an American Boston-based singer-songwriter, drummer and guitarist. His style and sound has been compared to the likes of Paul Westerberg, The Posies, Velvet Crush, Teenage Fanclub, and Big Star. His classic pop songwriting mixes in bits and pieces of Matthew Sweet, late-era Replacements, Goats Head Soup -era Rolling Stones, and on the more obscure side, The Beatifics and The Gladhands. He is a respected songwriter in the Power pop community, and has performed at David Bash's International Pop Overthrow, an American-originated music festival devoted to power pop music and related genres.

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