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  • List of car brands


    This is an incomplete list of every brand (also known as make or marque) of car ever produced. Some are from manufacturing companies that also use their company name as a brand name, others are from subsidiary companies or divisions, or are products of badge engineering.

  • List of automobile manufacturers of Europe


  • List of automobile manufacturers


    This is a list of notable automobile manufacturers with articles on Wikipedia by country. It includes companies that are in business as well as defunct manufacturers. Only companies that have articles here are included. 1. A ---- 1.1. Argentina -------------- 1.1.1. Current -------------- Zanella 1.1.2. Defunct -------------- Anasagasti AutoLatina Autoar Crespi Eniak Hispano-Argentina IAVA IAME IKA Koller Sevel Argentina SIAM Di Tella 1.2. Australia -------------- Bolwell Elfin Ford Australia Holden HSV Joss 1.2.1. Defunct -------------- FPV 1.3. Austria ------------ Austro-Daimler Austro-Fiat Austro-Tatra Denzel Felber KTM Libelle Lohner-Porsche Magna Steyr Möve Puch Steyr Steyr-Daimler-Puch Tushek&Spigel Supercars 1.4. Azerbaijan --------------- AzSamand Ganja Auto Plant Nakhchivan Automobile Plant 2. B ---- 2.1. Bangladesh --------------- BMTF 2.2. Belgium ------------ Auto-Mixte FN Gillet Imperia Métallurgique Minerva Nagant Pieper Van Hool 2.3. Brazil ----------- 2.3.1. Current -------------- Agrale Brasinca Comil Marcopolo Mascarello Neobus Romi Puma TAC Troller 2.3.2. Defunct -------------- Busscar Dacon Engesa FNM Farus Gurgel Hofstetter Lobini Santa Matilde Vemag 2.4. Bulgaria ------------- 2.4.1. Current -------------- Litex SIN 2.4.2. Defunct -------------- Bulgaralpine Bulgarrenault Moskvych Pirin-Fiat Sofia 3. C ---- 3.1. Canada ----------- 3.1.1. Current -------------- Allard Asuna Bombardier Campagna Dupont Dynasty Felino Corporation HTT Intermeccanica INKAS New Flyer Nova Bus Prevost Terradyne ZENN 3.1.2. Defunct -------------- Acadian Bricklin Brooks Can-Am Derby Gray-Dort Manic McLaughlin Meteor Orion Redpath Russell Studebaker 3.2. China ---------- 3.2.1. Current -------------- BAW Brilliance BYD Changan Changhe Chery Dadi Auto GAC Fiat Foton Geely Gonow Great Wall Hafei Haima Jiangling Landwind Lifan Group Mycar / EuAuto NIO Qoros SAIC Motor Soueast Wuling Zotye 3.2.2. Defunct -------------- Emgrand Nanjing Fiat 3.3. Croatia ------------ DOK-ING Rimac 3.4. Czech Republic ------------------- 3.4.1. Current -------------- Škoda Tatra Avia Kaipan Praga 3.4.2. Defunct -------------- Aero Jawa LIAZ Velorex Walter Fiat 4. D ---- 4.1. Denmark ------------ Zenvo

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