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  • Macron (sportswear)


    Macron S.p.A. is an Italian sporting apparel company, based in Crespellano, Bologna. It is considered a European leader in the production of active sportswear. Macron operates in three main business areas: Teamwear: for football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, handball, five-a-side football and running. Merchandising: official kits, free-time apparel and accessories for the supporters of Macron's sponsored clubs. Leisurewear: sports-inspired apparel for those wishing to wear Macron off the field.

  • Pakistan and state-sponsored terrorism


    Pakistan has long been accused by its neighbours India and Afghanistan, and western nations like the United States and the United Kingdom of its involvement in terrorist activities in the region and beyond. Pakistan's tribal region along its border with Afghanistan has been claimed to be a "haven for terrorists" by western media and the United States Defense Secretary. According to an analysis published by the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings Institution in 2008, Pakistan was, "with the possible exception of Iran, perhaps the world’s most active sponsor of terrorist groups... aiding groups that pose a direct threat to the United States." Daniel Byman, an author, also wrote that, "Pakistan is probably 2008's most active sponsor of terrorism".

  • Financial sponsor


    A financial sponsor is a private equity investment firm, particularly a private equity firm that engages in leveraged buyout transactions.

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