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  • Matt Smith (broadcaster)


    Matt Smith (born 26 April 1967) is a British broadcaster, who worked with ITV Sport between 2001-2015. He currently presents BT Sport's Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Conference Football, England Under 21.

  • FreeSports


    FreeSports is a channel operated and owned by Premier Media S.à r.l. It is a British sports channel operated in the United Kingdom. The channel launched on 31 August 2017.

  • Broadcasting and the foundation of the Premier League


    Rick Parry was heavily involved in negotiations with the broadcasters. The Premier League was formed with the intention of English football's top clubs capitalising on television rights. Whereas in the Football League money is distributed to the lower leagues, the Premier League intended to sell its own rights, with earnings from broadcasts divided equally between the member clubs only. The decision to break away and start a new league also gave clubs the chance to vote on decisions through a one club-one vote motion. Premier League chief executive Rick Parry and chairman Sir John Quinton were assigned the task of finding suitors. Parry initially favoured working with ITV, led by Greg Dyke, but wanted the network to pay in excess of £30 million for live football. In the meantime BSkyB – a company formed by the merger of Rupert Murdoch's Sky Television, and British Satellite Broadcasting – looked into the possibility of obtaining live rights to the Premier League. BSkyB chief executive Sam Chisholm attempted to make a joint offer with ITV which did not come into fruition, so he formed an alliance with the BBC, aware the corporation wanted a highlights package.

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