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  • List of NPR stations


    This is a list of NPR radio stations.

  • List of Minnesota Public Radio affiliates


    Minnesota Public Radio broadcasts on 43 stations that serve Minnesota and its neighboring communities and 42 translators providing additional local coverage. (40 + 41 = 81 total.) Stations are located in Minnesota, Wisconsin (La Crosse), North Dakota (Fargo and Grand Forks), South Dakota (Sioux Falls), Michigan (Houghton), Iowa (Decorah), and Idaho (Sun Valley). MPR also operates KPCC in Pasadena, California. Most areas are served by both a classical music station and a news and information station. One location is covered by a single station that combines both services. Two locations are served by a classical music station, a news and information station, and The Current. MPR's newest service, The Current, is available in Austin, Hinckley, Mankato, the Twin Cities, New Ulm, Rochester and St. Peter. Minnesota Public Radio also broadcasts all three of its services — News, Classical and The Current — on HD Radio in several communities throughout the state of Minnesota. In the Twin Cities, MPR multicasts "Classical 24", BBC News and "More", a Spanish language service from Radio Netherlands called "Ahora", and "Wonderground Radio", a service specifically geared towards children. Market Frequency Call sign Service Map(External images) Albert Lea (See Austin's KNSE.) News   92.7 K224DM (KGAC-HD2) Classical RL 103.9 K280EB (KGAC) News RL Alexandria 90.9 K215BL (KSJR-FM) Classical RL Appleton 88.5 KRSU Classical RL 91.3 KNCM News RL Austin 90.1 KNSE News RL 103.3 K277AD (KLSE) Classical RL 103.9 K280EF (KCMP) The Current RL Bemidji 91.3 KNBJ News RL 88.5 KCRB-FM Classical RL Blue Earth 92.3 K222BA (KGAC) Classical RL 101.9 K270AQ (KNGA) News RL Brainerd 88.3 KBPN News RL 90.7 KBPR Classical RL Brookings, SD 95.5 K238AX (KRSU) Classical RL Decorah, IA 88.7 KLNI News RL 89.5 KLCD Classical RL 96.3 K242BW (KLNI) News RL Duluth–Superior (&  Cloquet) 100.5 WSCN News RL Duluth–Superior 90.9 W215CG (WSCD-FM) The Current RL 92.9 WSCD-FM Classical RL 94.1 K231BI (KZIO) The Current RL 104.3 KZIO The Current RL Ely 89.3 WIRC News RL 90.1 K211FR (WIRR) Classical RL 101.3 W267BV (WIRC) News RL Eveleth 99.1 W256BC (WIRN) News RL Moorhead, MN -Fargo, ND 90.3 KCCD News RL 91.1 KCCM-FM Classical RL Fergus Falls 91.5 KNWF News RL 89.7 KCMF Classical RL Glencoe 105.1 K286AU (KNSR) News RL Grand Marais 89.7 WLSN News RL 88.7 WMLS Classical RL Grand Rapids 89.7 KGRP News RL 104.1 K281AB (KCRB-FM) Classical RL 107.3 K297AD (KGRP-HD2) The Current RL Granite Falls 89.1 K206EF (KRSU)(licensed to Montevideo) Classical Hinckley 88.5 WGRH Classical RL91.9 WINH News RL93.1 W226AY (KSJN) Classical RL 97.5 W248AS (KCMP) The Current RL Houghton, MI 91.1 WGGL-FM Mixed news/classical RL 92.7 W224AO (WGGL-FM) Mixed news/classical RL International Falls 88.3 KITF News RL 97.7 K249BK (KCRB-FM) Classical RL La Crosse, WI - La Crescent, MN 91.1 KXLC News RL 88.1 K201BW (KZSE-HD2) Classical RL Mankato - St. Peter 90.5 KNGA News RL 91.5 KGAC Classical RL 93.5 K228XN (KCMP)St. Peter The Current RL 95.3 K237EX (KCMP)Mankato The Current RL 105.1 K286AW (KCMP)Mankato The Current RL Minneapolis–St. Paul(Twin Cities) 91.1 KNOW-FM News RL 91.9 K220JP (KSJN) Classical RL 99.5 KSJN Classical RL 89.3 KCMP(Northfield/Empire Township) The Current RL New Ulm See Mankato's KGAC & KNGA.     95.3 K237ET (KCMP) The Current RL: not avail. Olivia 103.1 K276EW (KNSR) News RL 103.9 K280ET (KSJR-FM) Classical RL Owatonna (See Twin Cities' KCMP) The Current   103.9 K280EC (KNGA) News RF 105.7 K289AE (KGAC) Classical RL Pine City 94.1 K231AT (KNOW-FM) News RL Redwood Falls 88.1 KRFI News RL 91.1 K216FZ (KNSW) News RL Rochester 90.7 KLSE Classical RL 91.7 KZSE News RL 88.7 KMSE The Current RL's old map Roseau (See Warroad's KRXW)   News   90.9 W215AI (KQMN) Classical RL St. Cloud - Collegeville 88.9 KNSR News RL 90.1 KSJR-FM Classical RL St. James 106.9 K295BD (KGAC) Classical RL St. Peter (See Mankato-St. Peter)     Sioux Falls, SD 89.1 KAUR News RL 88.1 KRSD Classical RL Sleepy Eye 103.1 K276EV (KGAC) Classical RL Sun Valley, ID 91.9 KWRV Classical RL Thief River Falls, MN - Grand Forks, ND 102.7 KNTN News RL 91.5 KQMN Classical RL Virginia - Hibbing 90.9 WIRR Classical RL 92.5 WIRN News RL Warroad - Roseau 103.5 KRXW News RL 100.7 K264AR (KRXW) Classical RL Windom 97.1 K246BG (KNSW) News (See Worthington-Marshall)       Winona 107.3 W297AW (KLSE) Classical RL 101.9 K270AB (KZSE) News RL Worthington - Marshall 91.7 KNSW News RL 89.3 KRSW Classical RL

  • Wyoming Public Radio


    Wyoming Public Radio (WPR) is the statewide public radio network in Wyoming. Licensed to the University of Wyoming, it is operated by UW's Outreach School.

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