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    INRIX is a global SaaS and DaaS company that specializes in connected car services and transportation analytics. The company's mission is to provide solutions for today's transportation problems around the world. INRIX provides automakers with services that enhance the driving experience, such as real-time traffic and parking availability. Cities, government agencies and businesses use INRIX to better understand the movement of people, vehicles and goods. INRIX collects data from over 300 million vehicles and devices in 65 countries.

  • Autobahn


    Autobahns 3 and 5 at Frankfurter Kreuz near Frankfurt am Main The Autobahn' ( , plural ') is the federal controlled-access highway system in Germany. The official German term is ''''' (plural ', abbreviated BAB), which translates as "federal motorway". The literal meaning of the word Bundesautobahn is "Federal Auto(mobile) Track". German autobahnen have no federally mandated speed limit for some classes of vehicles. However, limits are posted (and enforced) in areas that are urbanised, substandard, accident-prone, or under construction. On speed-unrestricted stretches, an advisory speed limit (') of applies. While going faster is not illegal as such in the absence of a speed limit, it can cause an increased liability in the case of an accident; courts have ruled that an "ideal driver" who is exempt from absolute liability for "inevitable" tort under the law would not exceed Richtgeschwindigkeit. A 2008 estimate reported that 52% of the autobahn network had only the advisory speed limit, 15% had temporary speed limits due to weather or traffic conditions, and 33% had permanent speed limits.

  • European route E79


    Construction of two-way tunnel on Route E79 in Greece (Completed) E79 in Bulgaria (motorway stretch) E79 in Bulgaria (non-motorway stretch)European route E 79 is a road part of the International E-road network. It begins in Miskolc, Hungary and ends in Thessaloniki, Greece, also running through Romania and Bulgaria. The road is long.

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