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  • List of market houses in the Republic of Ireland


    Market houses are a notable feature of many Irish towns with varying styles of architecture, size and ornamentation making for a most interesting feature of the streetscape. Originally there were three, four or even five bays on the ground floor which were an open arcade. An upper floor was often used as a court house or ballroom. Ornamentation consisted of a cupola, a clock or sometimes a dome or tower. Today most of the Market Houses in Ireland have been put to use as cultural venues or business premises. Some are still derelict.

  • Stocks Market


    View of the Stocks Market, London, by Joseph Nickolls (1713–1755)Stocks Market was a market in central London operating between 1282 and 1737 and for centuries was London's main retail meat and produce market. The market was located to the east of the Walbrook in the heart of the City of London. It was demolished to make way for the building of the Mansion House on the same site.

  • Market


    Market may refer to: Market (economics) Market economy Marketplace, a physical marketplace or public market

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