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  • Megabus


    Megabus may refer to: Megabus (Europe), a low-cost coach service with services in Europe owned by Stagecoach Group Megabus (North America), a low-cost bus service in the United States and Canada also owned by Stagecoach Group Megabús, a bus rapid transit system in Pereira, Colombia

  • South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach


    South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach is a bus and coach operator operating school bus services under contract to Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council and coach services under contract to Megabus and Stagecoach West

  • Megabus (Europe)


    Megabus is a long distance coach (Intercity bus service) operator operated by the Stagecoach Group. It commenced operating in August 2003, initially in the United Kingdom, and later expanding into continental Europe. Some services link with Megatrain services, also operated by Stagecoach. Fares use a yield management model, formerly starting at £1. In June 2016, Stagecoach Group sold all operations in the European mainland, as well as those services linking London with Europe, to German competitor Flixbus. Megabus serves as a contractor, so the sale resulted in no route changes for passengers. Domestic UK operations remain under the control of Stagecoach.

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