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  • Rose Parade floats


    Tournament of Roses Parade floats are flower-covered parade floats, used in the annual New Year's Day Tournament of Roses Parade held in Pasadena, California. They evolved from flower-decorated horse carriages and are required to be covered with plant material. Three civic and floral industry leaders judge the floats and award prizes in 24 categories. Some communities and organizational sponsors, such as the City of Burbank, the City of Downey, City of South Pasadena, the City of Sierra Madre, the City of La Cañada Flintridge and the Cal Poly Universities, are referred to as "self-built floats" as they design, construct and decorate their floats solely on volunteer hours; but most are now built by professional float building companies.

  • Taxus baccata


    Taxus baccata is a conifer native to western, central and southern Europe, northwest Africa, northern Iran and southwest Asia. It is the tree originally known as yew, though with other related trees becoming known, it may now be known as common yew, English yew, or European yew.

  • List of prolific inventors


    Thomas Alva Edison was widely known as the America's most prolific inventor, even after his death in 1931. He held a total of 1,093 U.S. patents (1,084 utility patents and 9 design patents). In 2003, he was passed by Japanese inventor Shunpei Yamazaki. On February 26, 2008, Yamazaki was passed by Australian inventor Kia Silverbrook. Yamazaki passed Silverbrook in 2017. Inventors with 200 or more worldwide utility patents are shown in the following table. While in many cases this is the number of utility patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it may include utility patents granted by other countries, as noted by the source references for an inventor. Inventor # of patents Country Active Main fields of invention Ref Shunpei Yamazaki 5344 1976-2018 Thin film transistors, Liquid crystal displays, Solar cells, Flash memory, OLED Kia Silverbrook 4747 1994-2018 Printing, Digital paper, Internet, Electronics, CGI, Chemical, DNA, Lab-on-a-chip, MEMS, Mechanical, VLSI Lowell L. Wood, Jr. 1804 1977-2018 Various Roderick A. Hyde 1692 2001-2018 Various Kangguo Cheng 1601 2004-2018 Semiconductor device fabrication, Semiconductor memory, Semiconductor device Jun Koyama 1359 1991-2018 Thin film transistors, Liquid crystal displays, OLED Gurtej Sandhu 1314 1991-2018 Thin film processes and materials, VLSI, Semiconductor device fabrication Paul Lapstun 1288 2000-2018 Printing, Digital paper, Internet, Electronics, CGI, VLSI Clarence T. Tegreene 1120 2000-2018 Various Leonard Forbes 1103 1991-2018 Semiconductor Memories, CCDs, Thin film processes and materials, VLSI Thomas Edison 1084 1847(b)-1931(d) Electric power, Lighting, Batteries, Phonograph, Cement, Telegraphy, Mining Edward K. Y. Jung 1038 1996-2018 Various Donald E. Weder 1000 1976-2017 Florist supplies George Albert Lyon 993 1882(b)-1961(d) Automotive, Stainless steel products Shou-Shan Fan 978 2006-2018 Carbon nanotubes and their applications Jay S. Walker 953 1998-2018 Gaming machines John F. O'Connor 949 1864(b)-1938(d) Railway draft gearing Michael J. Sullivan 927 1977-2018 Golf balls Melvin De Groote 925 1895(b)-1963(d) Chemical de-emulsifiers Rick Allen Hamilton II 903 1999-2018 Various Francis H. Richards 894 1850(b)-19??(d) Mechanical, automation Jordin T. Kare 853 1992-2018 Various Ahmadreza Rofougaran 842 2002-2018 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Nathan Myhrvold 825 1994-2018 Various Mark Malamud 800 1997-2018 Various Robert W. Lord 788 2003-2018 Various Royce A. Levien 785 1997-2018 Various Muriel Y. Ishikawa 774 2002-2018 Various Warren Farnworth 772 1990-2017 Semiconductor packaging William H. Eby 772 1994-2018 Transgenic soybeans Carleton Ellis 753 1876(b)-1941(d) Margarine, Polyester, Anti-knock gasoline, Paint stripper Salman Akram 752 1995-2018 Semiconductor packaging Jeyhan Karaoguz 746 1996-2018 Wireless communications, Computer networks Hideo Ando 729 1983-2017 Optical recording George Spector 722 1976-1998 Gadgets, Toys Austin L. Gurney 713 1999-2018 Proteins, Antibodies Elihu Thomson 696 1853(b)-1937(d) Electric power, Arc lamp, Electric motors, Lightning arrester, Arc welder Tetsujiro Kondo 695 1987-2018 Signal processing, Image processing Ali Khakifirooz 678 2011-2018 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, Semiconductor device fabrication William I. Wood 653 1981-2016 Proteins, Antibodies Simon R. Walmsley 651 1995-2015 Printing, Electronics, VLSI, Cryptography Bruce B. Doris 631 1995-2018 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, DRAM, Semiconductor device fabrication Audrey D. Goddard 623 1997-2017 Proteins, Antibodies Jerome Lemelson 606 1923(b)-1997(d) Toys, Industrial robots, Cordless telephones, Fax machines, Videocassette recorders Edward J. Nowak 605 1979-2018 Semiconductor device fabrication, Semiconductor memory, Semiconductor device John M. Santosuosso 603 2001-2018 Various Tadahiro Ohmi 597 1981-2018 Thin film processes and materials, Semiconductor device fabrication Kie Y Ahn 596 1976-2018 Thin film processes and materials, VLSI, Semiconductor device fabrication Béla Barényi 595 1907(b)-1997(d) Passive safety in automobiles Eric C. Leuthardt 593 2006-2018 Medical devices Paul J. Godowski 579 1994-2014 Proteins, Antibodies Artur Fischer 570 1976-2002 Fasteners, Construction toys Louis L. Hsu 551 1988-2016 Various Devendra K. Sadana 543 1983-2018 Solar cells, OLED, Integrated Circuits, CMOS, DRAM, LEDs Edwin H. Land 535 1909(b)-1991(d) Instant photography, Polarizing film Clifford A. Pickover 533 1992-2018 Various Jeffrey P. Gambino 531 1992-2018 MEMS, CMOS, BiCMOS, DRAM, Image Sensors, RF, Biosensors, 3D Integrated Circuits Henri Dreyfus 524 1882(b)-1944(d) Polymers, Synthetic fibers, Dyes Victoria Y. H. Wood 522 2009-2018 Various Clyde C. Farmer 513 18??(b)-19??(d) Railway air brakes Heinz Focke 512 1976-2013 Cigarette packaging Mark I. Gardner 511 1994-2010 Consumer electronics, Energy, Computers, Semiconductors, Physics Chih-Chao Yang 508 2003-2018 Integrated Circuits Ravi K. Arimilli 507 1992-2017 Computer architecture, Semiconductor memory, Cache coherence, Symmetric multiprocessing Louis H. Morin 503 18??(b)-19??(d) Fasteners, Locks, Bobbins Tobin A. King 501 2000-2018 Printing, Digital paper, Mechanical Anthony K. Stamper 489 1998-2018 MEMS, CMOS, BiCMOS, Silicon-germanium Ronald S. Cok 488 1986-2018 OLED displays; image processing Belgacem Haba 487 1991-2018 Semiconductor manufacturing Jack A. Mandelman 481 1987-2014 Various James M. Hart 480 1988-2018 Motor vehicle transmission Robert S. Langer 477 1983-2018 Biotechnology, Drug delivery, Tissue engineering Gregory J. Boss 469 2008-2018 Various Akira Nakazawa 458 1980-2018 Printing, Mechanical Kai-Li Jiang 453 2006-2018 Carbon nanotubes and their applications Eberhard Ammermann 451 1979-2015 Fungicides Thomas E. Murray 449 1860(b)-1929(d) Electrical, HVAC, Wheels, Metal working, Light dimmer Hongyong Zhang 440 1993-2016 Thin film transistors, Liquid crystal displays Scott H. Wittkopp 432 2001-2017 Motor vehicle transmission Lisa Seacat DeLuca 425 2009-2018 Various John L. Melanson 425 1978-2018 Integrated circuits, semiconductors, mixed-signal products, signal processing, audio and voice components, hearing aids, LED lighting, and motor control John Hays Hammond, Jr. 417 1888(b)-1965(d) Radio control, Radio communications, Torpedoes Hossein Eslambolchi 414 1993-2018 Telecommunications, Network intelligence, information Technology, communications technology Wilhelm Brandes 411 1976-2010 Fungicides Brian M. O'Connell 411 2009-2018 Various Xuemin (Sherman) Chen 410 1997-2018 Computer networks, Integrated Circuits, Signal Processing Cary L. Bates 409 1994-2018 Programming tools, DBX, Memory debuggers Vincent J. Zimmer 402 1999-2018 Computer software and firmware Stanford R. Ovshinsky 400 1922(b)-2012(d) Batteries, Solar cells, Liquid crystal displays, Hydrogen fuel cells, Computer data storage Frederick A. Ware 398 1981-2018 Chip design Ruilong Xie 391 2013-2018 Semiconductor device, CMOS, Semiconductor device fabrication Josef Theurer 388 1976-2016 Railroad maintenance machines David V. Horak 387 1992-2018 Various Brent A. Anderson 384 2001-2018 Semiconductor device fabrication, Semiconductor memory, Semiconductor device George P. Liang 379 1983-2018 Gas turbine cooling Paul W. Dent 378 1984-2018 Wireless communications Wael W. Diab 378 2003-2018 Computer networks Hans-Joachim Santel 377 1986-2013 Herbicides, Pesticides, Organic chemistry Gisela Lorenz 374 1990-2015 Fungicides, Organic chemistry Garry R. Jackson 367 2001-2016 Printing, Mechanical George Westinghouse 361 1846(b)-1914(d) Electric power, Electricity meter, Railway air brake, Steam engines Jeffrey E. Stahmann 356 1994-2018 Medical devices William Daniel Hillis 355 1986-2018 Various Mark W. Kroll 352 1987-2018 Implantable medical devices Robert R. Schmidt 350 1971-2005 Herbicides, Fungicides, Organic chemistry Norman M. Berry 347 2006-2016 Printing, Mechanical Carl J. Radens 340 1994-2018 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, DRAM, Semiconductor device fabrication Ajith K. Kumar 330 1984-2018 Electric Power, Energy Management, Rail Transportation, Mining Pouya Hashemi 330 2013-2018 Semiconductor, VLSI, CMOS logic and memory, cognitive Lawrence A. Clevenger 327 1996-2018 Semiconductor, Cognitive, Memory, Security, Analytics Keith R. Walker 322 2003-2018 Various Bengt Lindoff 320 2000-2018 Wireless communications Hanson S. Gifford III 318 1986-2018 Medical devices Sarbajit K. Rakshit 317 2013-2018 Various Steven L. Teig 314 1995-2018 Integrated Circuits Liang Liu 313 2005-2018 Carbon nanotubes and their applications Elizabeth A. Sweeney 311 2010-2018 Various Daniel J. Winarski 310 1982-2018 Various Victoria Smith 308 2006-2017 Proteins, Antibodies Dean L. Kamen 308 1979-2018 Battery-powered electric vehicles, Medical devices, Stirling engines, Water purification, Wheelchairs Victor S. Moore 305 1982-2018 Various Kulvir S. Bhogal 301 2003-2018 Various Robert G. LeTourneau 299 1888(b)-1969(d) Earthworks (engineering), Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery Timothy J. Slegel 299 1993-2018 Computer architecture William R. Tonti 291 1994-2016 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, DRAM, Semiconductor device fabrication Zine-Eddine Boutaghou 290 1994-2018 Hard disk drive Esmael H. Dinan 290 2006-2018 Communication networks Jeffrey W. Sleight 281 1998-2018 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, Semiconductor device fabrication Adam Heller 281 1968-2018 Solar cells, Glucose meters, Lasers Brent Keeth 277 1994-2018 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, DRAM Madhusudan K. Iyengar 275 2005-2018 Chip Cooling Michael (S.) Tsirkin 273 2012-2018 Virtual Machines, I/O Data Processing, Computer Graphics, Power Management, Computer Memory, Computer Networks, Distributed Data Processing, Fault Recovery, Data Structures Michael A. Rothman 271 2001-2018 Computer software and firmware Hartley Owen 267 1976-2010 Fluid catalytic cracking Cyprian E. Uzoh 266 1998-2018 Semiconductor processing Assaf Natanzon 262 2007-2018 Storage Systems, Data Protection Daniel C. Edelstein 258 1991-2018 Semiconductor manufacturing Yoshihiro Kikuchi 257 1994-2018 Video processing Harry (Tom) Graef 253 1976-2018 Business machines, automation Bran Ferren 253 1986-2018 Computers, Consumer Electronics, Electro-Optical Systems, Medical, User Interfaces, Automotive, Vehicles & Transportation Takeshi Chujoh 250 1995-2018 Video processing Rajiv V. Joshi 249 1986-2018 Electronics, analytics Christopher J. Dawson 248 2006-2018 Various Craig E. Hampel 246 1996-2018 Integrated Circuits Nobuyuki Taniguchi 245 1979-2015 Cameras Johnny M. Shieh 242 1996-2018 Various Dorin Comaniciu 241 2003-2018 Machine Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Image-Guided Surgery, Computer Vision Philip S. Yu 240 1982-2018 Various Imad Libbus 232 2007-2018 Medical devices Gerald F. McBrearty 231 1997-2018 Various Louis B. Rosenberg 229 1995-2018 Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, A.I., HCI Thomas J. Kennedy III 228 1992-2018 Sporting Goods, Wind Turbines, Biotechnology Sandeep R. Patil 227 2008-2018 Various Zvi Or-Bach 227 1982-2018 Various Mark A. Horowitz 225 1993-2018 Integrated Circuits James R. Kraemer 223 2008-2018 Various Dureseti Chidambarrao 221 1995-2017 Integrated Circuits, CMOS, Semiconductor device fabrication Paul Ian Mackey 220 2008-2016 Printing, Mechanical James W. Seaman 217 2005-2018 Various Jonathan J. Hull 214 1987-2018 Various Michael L. Fripp 214 2004-2018 Oilfield Seung H. Kang 211 2002-2018 Semiconductor device technologies, MRAM, spintronics, and memory circuit design Gregory McAvoy 208 2003-2017 Printing, MEMS Sebastian T. Ventrone 208 1989-2018 Semiconductor, Logic, Architecture Mukta Ghate Farooq 208 1993-2018 Semiconductor materials and structures, packaging technology, and 3-dimensional silicon integration Stephen G. Perlman 207 1989-2018 Wireless communications, Cloud gaming, Video compression Hiroshi (You) Yoshioka 205 1997-2015 Cameras Patrick B. Usoro 205 1999-2016 Motor vehicle transmission, Hybrid Powertrains, Vehicle Thermal Management Sadeg M. Faris 202 1979-2018 Various This table is usually updated every Tuesday evening in US Eastern time, and is current . The columns are defined as follows: Inventor: The name of the inventor. # of patents: This is the number of utility patents that have been issued. Only utility patents (or the international equivalent) are listed, as a utility patent is a patent for an invention. Not all patents are for inventions. Other patent types include: design patents for the ornamental design of an object; plant patents for plant varieties; and reissue patents, where a correction is made to an already granted patent. This list does not include patent applications (patents pending) as there is no guarantee that a patent application actually describes a novel invention until the patent is granted. Country: This is the country of birth or upbringing of the inventor, where known. If unknown, this is the country of residence identified in the inventor's patent filings. Active: The first and last year in which an inventor received a patent issuance, except when activity was prior to digital records, in which case year of birth (b) and death (d) may be substituted. If an inventor's first year is 1976 or a few years after, there may be activity prior to this; earlier dates are not present in the primary source, and would require a secondary source. Main fields of invention: These are the main areas that the inventor is or was active in.

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