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  • The Michaels Companies


  • Hobbycraft


    Hobbycraft is an arts and crafts superstore retail chain in the United Kingdom. When the company started out there were only small independent arts and crafts suppliers, however a number of other online and High Street retail chains now operate in the same market place as HobbyCraft.

  • A.C. Moore


    At Shopper's World in Framingham, Massachusetts.A.C. Moore is an American arts and crafts retail chain with 141 locations in the eastern United States, with its corporate headquarters located in Berlin, New Jersey. A.C. Moore sells a variety of arts and crafts products, including scrapbooking, beading, knitting, rubber stamping, home decor items, floral items, children's crafts, paints, framing, greenery and seasonal items. A.C. Moore was founded as a single arts and crafts store by Jack Parker in 1985 in Moorestown, New Jersey. The store went public in 1997. In October 2007, A.C. Moore opened its online site featuring various projects and crafts www.acmoore.com. As of September 2012, A.C Moore has grown to 141 stores, which are located along the U.S. east coast from Maine to Florida. In 2011, A.C. Moore was acquired for $41 million by Sbar's, an art supply distributor. In 2017, A.C. Moore acquired Blitsy, an e-commerce company that sells arts and crafts supplies.

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