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  • List of United States Army tactical truck models


    By 1915, the US Army was using trucks tactically. For World War I, it began purchasing in large numbers. Early trucks were designed for both military and commercial use. Later, military-specific designs were built. The "ton" (907 kg) weight ratings are the payload of a basic cargo version of the truck, not of the individual version. Ratings can be "on-road" for improved roads or "off-road" for all-ground in all-weather. The "wheel arrangement" designation is the number of wheels x the number of driven wheels. There are two wheels per axle, dual tires are counted as one wheel. Some series have both single and dual tire versions.

  • RMMV HX range of tactical trucks


    The HX family are a range of purpose-designed tactical military trucks manufactured by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). The HX range was disclosed in 2003, and the first order was placed in 2004. The HX range replaced the earlier FX and LX ranges in production. The HX2 range, which currently complements the original HX range, was announced in 2012. The first HX2 range trucks were delivered in April 2016. The HX and HX2 ranges complement the SX range.

  • M35 series 2½-ton 6x6 cargo truck


    The M35 2½-ton cargo truck is a long-lived 2½-ton 6x6 cargo truck initially used by the United States Army and subsequently utilized by many nations around the world. Over time it evolved into a family of specialized vehicles. It inherited the nickname "Deuce and a Half" from an older 2½-ton truck, the World War II GMC CCKW. The M35 started as a 1949 REO Motor Car Company design for a 2½-ton 6x6 off-road truck. This original 6-wheel M34 version was quickly superseded by the 10-wheel M35 design. The basic M35 cargo truck is rated to carry off-road or on roads. Trucks in this weight class are considered medium duty by the military and the Department of Transportation.

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