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  • Nokian Tyres


    Nokian Tyres Oyj (), headquartered in Nokia, Finland, produces tyres for cars, trucks, buses, and heavy-duty equipment. Known for its winter tyres, Nokian operates the only permanent winter tyre testing facility in the world. The company's Hakkapeliitta brand name is recognised in Finland as a reputable trademark. Nokian Tyres concentrates on the consumer car and vehicle tyre replacement and premium snow tyre markets; they do not supply automobile manufacturers tyres for new car production. The greater prices consistently found in those markets result in higher profitability compared to the rest of the tyre industry. The company also produces retreading materials and tyre pressure monitors. It also previously manufactured bicycle tyres but currently licenses the Nokian name on bicycles tyres to another Finnish company. The Vianor retail tyre store chain, which services cars in addition to selling tyres, is owned by Nokian Tyres PLC. The company traces its history to a groundwood pulp mill established in 1865. Car tyre production began in 1932 by Suomen Gummitehdas Oy (Finnish Rubber Works Ltd). A three-company merger formed the Nokia Corporation in 1967; Nokian Tyres Limited was established in 1988 as a joint venture company split from the conglomerate as Nokia Corporation started focusing entirely on the mobile communications business. Nokian is "Nokia" in the genitive, thus Nokian renkaat meaning "Tyres of Nokia". The European subsidiary of Japanese tyre company Bridgestone is currently the largest minority shareholder.

  • Sachs MadAss


    The Sachs MadAss is an underbone motorcycle available in a or assembled in Malaysia and manufactured in China and distributed by German automotive company Sachs Motorcycles since 2004. The engine is based on the popular horizontal one cylinder originally used in Honda mopeds and small motorcycles from the late 1960s. It incorporates the fuel tank into the frame and has no external bodywork or fairings. It has a stainless steel under-seat exhaust, a four-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission and dual hydraulic disc brake. The front headlights are positioned vertically. In the US, the 49 cc model is limited to to qualify as a moped in some jurisdictions. The MadAss has been sold in the US as the Xkeleton Trickster, and under the Pierspeed and Tomberlin brands as the MadAss. In Canada, it was also sold as the AMG Nitro. As of December 2014, the Madass 50 is once again available in the US in 49cc form, via a new distributor, Excalibur Motorsports of Chino, California. It is CARB certified for sale and use in the state of California. "The MadAss really dips during emergency stops and you’ll definitely want to stay away from the front brake if you find yourself having to brake around a turn. I recommend asking your dealer about swapping out the front fork oil for something a bit heavier; luckily a pretty inexpensive fix. If it’s still too soft you could consider upgrading the springs; also not very expensive." 2010 Sachs MadAss 125 Review, Steve Guzman, November 26, 2009 Motorcycle-USA.com

  • Minerva Armored Car


    The Minerva Armored Car () was a military armored car expediently developed from Minerva civilian automobiles by Belgium at the start of the First World War.

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