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  • List of festivals in Florida


    The following is an incomplete list of festivals in Florida. 1. Festivals in Florida ----------------------- 1.1. Arts, cultural, and other ------------------------------ 1.2. Music festivals -------------------- 9 Mile Music Festival AURA Music and Arts Festival Cornerstone Florida Electric Daisy Carnival The Fest Florida Folk Festival Florida Music Festival Global Gathering 2006 Harvest of Hope Fest Hotel Carolina Jacksonville Jazz Festival La Musica Lakeside Jazz Festival Langerado Miami Nice Jazz Festival Miami Pop Festival (December 1968) Miami Pop Festival (May 1968) Planetfest Rock the Universe Springing the Blues Suwannee Hulaween Ultra Music Festival Wanee Music Festival Winter Music Conference 1.3.

  • Hugh Millais


    Hugh Geoffroy Millais (23 December 1929 – 4 July 2009) was a British author and actor known for his film collaborations with director Robert Altman.

  • Cuisine of the Sephardic Jews


    Western Sephardi dish of pescado frito. The predecessor of Fish and Chips introduced in the 17th Century by Jews from Spain and Portugal, and is now also staple of British cuisine. Moroccan-style pickled lemons The cuisine of the Sephardi Jews is an assortment of cooking traditions that developed among the Sephardi Jews – the Jews of Spain and Portugal, and those of this Iberian origin who were dispersed in the Sephardic Diaspora, and ultimately became the Eastern Sephardim and North African Sephardim as they settled throughout the Mediterranean in places such as Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, as well as the Arab countries of West Asia and North Africa. Cuisine of the Sephardi Jews also includes the cuisine of those who became the Western Sephardim who settled in Holland, England, and from these places elsewhere.

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