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  • Jigalong Community, Western Australia


    Jigalong is a remote Australian Indigenous community of approximately 427 people located in Western Australia.

  • Hassell National Park


    Hassell National Park is a national park in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, southeast of Perth and north east of Albany. Named after John Hassell, a retired sea captain, who was responsible for opening up extensive areas in the south of the state during the 1850s as he extended his pastoral leases east from Frankland as far as Jerramungup. The park straddles the South Coast Highway between Manypeaks and Wellstead. The site is regarded as an important ecological area as a result of it being a largely intact vegetation and wildlife corridor that serves to link the Mount Manypeaks and Waychinicup areas with the Cheynes Baech and Pallinup areas. The park has no entry fee and has no facilities provided for visitors. A population of the very rare Brown's Banksia, composed of 100 to 200 plants, can be found within the confines of the park.

  • New Norcia, Western Australia


    New Norcia () is a town in Western Australia, north of Perth, near the Great Northern Highway. It is situated next to the banks of the Moore River, in the Shire of Victoria Plains. New Norcia is the only monastic town in Australia. A ground station for the European Space Agency is located 8 km south of the town. A significant diversion of the Great Northern Highway, known as the New Norcia Bypass, now keeps heavy traffic away from the buildings and town. It was officially completed on 9 October 2017.

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