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  • Motoped – Choose Your Adventure


    CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE MOTOPED® is what it isn’t, and dares to be different. Lightweight, clever, low carbon footprint, fuel efficient, purposeful, and fun–MOTOPEDS® go places and do things that traditional bicycles or motorcycles can’t.

  • Moped E-Bikes - Electric Bikes


    Moped E-Bikes E-scooters offer the convenience of a bike with the long range comfort and features of a moped scooter. E-Scooters are specifically designed with large padded seats and many units come with features such as turn signals, passenger seating and more.

  • Electric Bikes vs Mopeds - Optibike Electric Bicycles


    Electric bikes do not require a license or registration or insurance. While Mopeds can often travel on street bike lanes, they cannot travel on sidewalks and park in bicycle areas. An electric bicycle can travel on bike lanes and paths and park in bicycle areas. An electric bicycle is considered a bicycle.

  • Scooters and Mopeds - Killer Motorsport


    Scooters and Mopeds. A scooter meshes features of both a bicycle and a motorcycle, offering the rider control with mid-level speed and power. The earliest scooter model was introduced in 1914 and modern advances have made the units more popular than ever. A wide variety of options (speed, power, size) contribute to riders of all shapes, sizes,...

  • Moped Meets E-Bike


    Electrifying power and head turning style for an epic ride like no other. Keywords: e-bike, electric bike, moped e-bike. moped, pedal, pedal bike, bike, bicycles

  • Steve's Moped and Bicycle World - Home


    Located in Dumont, New Jersey, Steve Moped and Bicycle World Inc. is your number one dealer for bicycles, skateboards, mopeds, scooters, go carts, mini-bikes, and go-ped motorized skateboards. Velosolex motorbikes mopeds solex velosolex america velosolex usa moped parts and service. Tomos Mopeds, moped repair, moped parts, moped service, velosolex mopeds, Tomos USA.

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