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  • David Thomas Dawson


    David Thomas Dawson (20 October 1957 – 11 August 2006) was a convicted murderer. He was born in San Diego, California and executed at Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana.__NOTOC__

  • Bannack, Montana


    Bannack is a ghost town in Beaverhead County, Montana, United States, located on Grasshopper Creek, approximately upstream from where Grasshopper Creek joins with the Beaverhead River south of Dillon. Founded in 1862, the town contemporarily operates as a National Historic Landmark and is managed by the state of Montana as Bannack State Park.

  • Dude Rancher Lodge


    The Dude Rancher Lodge is a motel in Billings, Montana, on the National Register of Historic Places. Known as "Billings' most unique motel", it was built in 1950 with a Hollywood-western style theme inside and out with many custom features, most original to the building. Owned for over 40 years by the family corporation of its original owners, with a single change of ownership in 1992, the motel and its attached restaurant is still in operation and looks much as it did when originally constructed. In the 21st century, the locally owned establishment has survived as one of only 10 owner-operated motels left in Billings, against increased competition from a significant expansion in the number of motel rooms available in the city. After having the motel studied and upgraded by Hotel Impossible in 2012, followed shortly thereafter by the local police engaging in a "full-on firefight" with a local criminal, the motel saw its online bookings increase 250 percent. Reports that the facility is haunted by its original owner have led to three popular rooms being booked up to a year in advance.

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