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  • Speaking tube


    A speaking tube in use on a United States Navy Landing Craft Utility (2005) A speaking tube or voicepipe is a device based on two cones connected by an air pipe through which speech can be transmitted over an extended distance. While its most common use was in intra-ship communications, the principle was also used in affluent homes and offices of the 19th century, as well as expensive automobiles, military aircraft, and even locomotives. For most purposes, the device was outmoded by the telephone and its widespread adoption.

  • Design for All (in ICT)


    Design for All in the context of information and communications technology (ICT) is the conscious and systematic effort to proactively apply principles, methods and tools to promote universal design in computer-related technologies, including Internet-based technologies, thus avoiding the need for a posteriori adaptations, or specialised design (Stephanidis et al., 2001). Design for All is design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality. It should not be conceived of as an effort to advance a single solution for everybody, but as a user-centred approach to providing products that can automatically address the possible range of human abilities, skills, requirements, and preferences. Consequently, the outcome of the design process is not intended to be a singular design, but a design space populated with appropriate alternatives, together with the rationale underlying each alternative, that is, the specific user and usage context characteristics for which each alternative has been designed. Traditionally, accessibility problems have been solved with adaptations and the use of assistive technology products has been a technical approach to obtain adaptations.

  • Setcom Corporation


    Setcom Corporation is an American manufacturer of communications equipment for police motorcycle officers, firefighters, rescue personnel and industrial users. Setcom supplies public safety professionals in all fifty states, most major US cities, and more than twenty countries with communications equipment.

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