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  • The Git Up


  • Music of Vancouver


    Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the Canada's largest cities and foremost cultural centres. The music of Vancouver reflects the diversity of the city's many peoples, traditions and cultures. It embodies the music of vastly different time periods, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. It may be played by orchestras as diverse as the Javanese gamelan or one playing authentic replicas of 18th century instruments. Ensembles might be a jazz band or high school vocal jazz group. Or the monks of the Westminster Abbey in nearby Mission singing ancient Gregorian chant. Or an avant-garde student ensemble from Vancouver Community College or University of British Columbia's School of Music. It may be music notated or spontaneously improvised. It may be pop, rock, rap, jazz, world or country. It may be "fusion" mixing performers of classical and popular music backgrounds together or fusing performers of instruments used in Chinese, Hong Kong and Indian music. The musicians may hale from Vancouver or be famous international music "stars." They may include pre-school children or seniors.

  • Grace & Tony


    Grace & Tony (last name White) are husband-and-wife music duo based in Loretto, Tennessee, who play a blend of Americana/bluegrass music called "punkgrass," a combination of punk, folk, bluegrass, and Texas swing. They have released an EP (Inside A 7-Track Mind, 2011) and an album (November, 2013). Grace & Tony have toured nationally, headlined the historic Crockett Theater (in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee), appeared at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and performed twice on the Daytrotter Sessions, as well as performed for BalconyTV, Jimmy Lloyd's Songwriter Showcase, and Knoxville, Tennessee's Blue Plate Special programs. In addition, two of their videos ("Let You Down," “November") have received regular rotation on The Country Network, as well as airplay on CMT Edge and GAC. In April 2014, the pair launched a new video series entitled Grace & Tony Greenroom Sessions. The sessions feature performance clips filmed backstage with fellow musicians shot on an iPhone. Partner site TheBoot.com world premieres session clips, which have included performances with Malcolm Parson (Carolina Chocolate Drops), Christian Lopez Band, and Misty Mountain String Band.

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