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    Welcome to the My BURGER KING® Experience Survey. We value your candid feedback and appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey. When you finish, you will be given a validation code to write in the space provided on your invitation. Please enter the restaurant number located on the front of your receipt.

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    Tips & Tricks – MyBKExperience.com Survey. When you finish the MyBKExperience.com survey, be sure to write down the validation code in the space provided on your receipt. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to get your free sandwich (currently the offer is a free whopper or chicken sandwich). So don’t forget the validation code!

  • Survey – MyBKExperience


    Enter Survey or Give Feedback. Here Are Certain Rules You Need To Follow Before Commencing The Survey Process. The rules and requirements are very simple. You need to keep these in mind before starting your survey at www.mybkexperience.com in order to be eligible for the rewards attached to the completion of the survey.

  • Burger King Survey - www.mybkexperience.com free whopper ...


    The survey code on the receipt expired in 30 days of making the purchaseYou must use the code within 30 days of purchase. One receipt or mybkexperience survey code can only be used to take one survey and not more than that.

  • Enter Survey at My Burger King Experience - MyBKExperience


    I visited BK on 87th Dan Ryan on 8/17/2018/BK #00181. I was not able to participate in the survey because the receipt did not contain a survey code. I did not appreciate that because I don’t get a chance to take the survey often and I did want to at this point. So I lost out on the opportunity to participate as well as a free sandwich.

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