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  • List of Hyundai vehicles


  • Hyundai H-100


    Hyundai H-100 is a name used by Hyundai Motor Company in export markets for two related light trucks: Hyundai Porter, a pickup truck. Hyundai Grace, a minibus/van.File:Hyundai H100.JPG|Porter-based truck File:Hyundai H100 panel van.JPG|Van version of the Grace-based H100

  • Hyundai Super Truck


    The Hyundai Super truck (hangul:현대 슈퍼트럭) is a line of heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company from 1999 or 2001. The range was primarily available in cargo and dump truck. Its model truck name is 'Hyundai', but In USA and Canada market the brand name is 'Bering'. Most heavy-duty truck models are distinguishable by a front 'Hyundai Truck' badge, but the common Hyundai and badge is usually used on the rear. In North America, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Bering HDMX, Daewoo Novus, Daewoo Chasedae Truck, Samsung Big Thumb.

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