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  • List of military time zones


    This is a list of military time zones as defined in the ACP 121(I) standard. It is used by the U.S. military, as well as the other members Combined Communications Electronics Board. The names are identical to the NATO phonetic alphabet, but with "A" spelled as "Alfa", instead of NATO's "Alpha". Going east from the prime meridian at Greenwich, letters "Alfa" through to "Mike" (skipping "J", see below) are used for the 12 time zones with positive UTC offsets until reaching the international Date Line. Going west from Greenwich, letters "November" through to "Yankee" are used for zones with negative offsets. The system apparently originates from Nathaniel Bowditch's 1802 American Practical Navigator book, where time zones were labelled with letters and "J" was skipped to avoid confusion with "I" and because some alphabets, including Cyrillic. do not have a 'J'. The letter "J" ("Juliet"), originally skipped, may now be used to indicate the observer's local time. Such practice is not standardized, though. Letter "L" is commonly mistaken for "local". The letter "Z" ("Zulu") indicates Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). They are used in conjunction with military time: for instance, 6:00 a.m. in zone UTC−5 is written "0600R" and spoken "zero six hundred Romeo". Time zone name Letter Offset Alfa Time Zone A +1 Bravo Time Zone B +2 Charlie Time Zone C +3 Delta Time Zone D +4 Echo Time Zone E +5 Foxtrot Time Zone F +6 Golf Time Zone G +7 Hotel Time Zone H +8 India Time Zone I +9 Kilo Time Zone K +10 Lima Time Zone L +11 Mike Time Zone M +12 November Time Zone N −1 Oscar Time Zone O −2 Papa Time Zone P −3 Quebec Time Zone Q −4 Romeo Time Zone R −5 Sierra Time Zone S −6 Tango Time Zone T −7 Uniform Time Zone U −8 Victor Time Zone V −9 Whiskey Time Zone W −10 X-ray Time Zone X −11 Yankee Time Zone Y −12 Zulu Time Zone Z 0

  • Time in Michigan


    All counties in Michigan's Lower Peninsula observe Eastern Time, as do most counties in the state's Upper Peninsula. The U.P. counties that do not, the four counties which have a land border with Wisconsin, are in the Central Time zone.

  • Time in Idaho


    Blue portions are Pacific Time, purple portions are Mountain Time. The U.S. state of Idaho is covered by two time zones, as described below. All locations observe daylight saving time. The Pacific Time Zone (UTC−08:00, DST UTC−07:00) covers an area roughly coterminous with the Idaho Panhandle or North Idaho: Benewah County Bonner County Boundary County Clearwater County Kootenai County (includes Coeur d'Alene) Latah County (includes Moscow) Lewis County Nez Perce County (includes Lewiston) Shoshone County Portion of Idaho County north of the Salmon River The towns of Burgdorf and WarrenAn easy way to distinguish the line is that it essentially follows the line that divides Washington and Oregon. If a county in Idaho is due east of Washington, it's Pacific Time. On the other hand, the counties of Idaho that are fully due east of Oregon are on Mountain Time. The Mountain Time Zone (UTC−07:00, DST UTC−06:00) covers the rest of the state.

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