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  • Dixie Greyhound Lines


    The Dixie Greyhound Lines (called also Dixie or DGL), a highway-coach carrier, was a Greyhound regional operating company, based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, from 1930 until 1954, when it (along with the Teche Greyhound Lines) became merged into the Southeastern Greyhound Lines, a neighboring operating company.

  • Atlantic City Bus Terminal


    The Atlantic City Bus Terminal is a regional bus station and a major stop for New Jersey Transit buses in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Located at the 1900 block of Atlantic Avenue, the station is now only half its original size, as part of it was carved out for a Polo Ralph Lauren store along the Atlantic City Outlets The Walk. The terminal contains vending machines, restrooms, a seating area, and ticket offices for New Jersey Transit and Greyhound bus lines. The Atlantic City Convention Center and Rail Terminal is located three blocks away.

  • Sunnyside Bus Terminal


    Sunnyside Bus Terminal was an interurban bus station located in Sunnyside in the west end of Toronto at the foot of Roncesvalles Avenue and its intersection with King Street, Queen Street West (and later The Queensway) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was across from Sunnyside Amusement Park and beside the Roncesvalles Carhouse. The station was owned and operated by Gray Coach bus lines, a subsidiary of the Toronto Transit Commission, that operated interurban bus routes connecting Toronto with outlying areas throughout southern Ontario. No route actually began or ended at the terminal, which was used as a rest stop and drop off and pick up point by Gray Coach and Greyhound routes heading west from Toronto to locations such as London, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, Niagara Falls, Ontario, or Buffalo, New York. The terminal declined in usage following the creation of GO Transit in 1967, particularly after GO stopped contracting several of its routes to Gray Coach in the 1980s. The station was opened in 1936, on what was then the western edge of Toronto, and was constructed in an art deco style, including a steel canopy.

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