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  • Nissan F-Alpha platform


    The F-Alpha is an automobile platform from Nissan Motor Company which is used in their trucks and SUV's. The latest version of the platform is the basis for the Nissan Frontier and Titan pickup trucks as well as the Nissan Xterra, Pathfinder (2005-present), Armada, Nissan Patrol Y62 and Infiniti QX56 SUVs, and Nissan NV series van. A modified version of this platform is also used for the Suzuki Equator. This platform can be configured with an independent suspension or solid axle suspension arrangement as well as larger engines, some with variable valve timing.

  • Nissan KA engine


    The KA engines were a series of inline-4 four-stroke gasoline piston engines manufactured by Nissan, which were offered in 2.0 an 2.4 L. The engines blocks were made of cast-iron, while the cylinder heads were made of aluminum. Despite their large capacity, this motor was not equipped with balance shafts. When used in the passenger cars both versions of the KA24 used a crankshaft girdle, as opposed to individual main bearing caps. In the Nissan Hardbody and Frontier applications a crank girdle was not used.

  • Nissan Navara


    The Nissan Navara is the name for the D22, D40 and D23 generations of Nissan pickup trucks sold in Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. In North, Central and South America and some selected markets, it is sold as the Nissan Frontier or Nissan NP300. The D22 line began in 1997, replacing the model D21 compact pickup. After more than 10 years with the D21, Nissan unveiled the similar sized D22. It was replaced with the bigger, taller, longer D40 mid-size pickup. In 2014, Nissan released its successor, the D23. The Navara gets its name from the Navarre region of northern Spain. The European version is built at the Nissan factory in Barcelona.

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