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  • Nissan Avenir


    The Nissan Avenir is a line of station wagons beginning production in May 1990 by Nissan of Japan, with the budget minded delivery van starting out as the Avenir Cargo, then being renamed in 1999 as the Nissan Expert (ja) aimed primarily at the commercial market. It replaced the long-serving Nissan Bluebird wagon/delivery van. It was a larger companion to the Nissan Wingroad/Nissan AD van. The Avenir Cargo also assumed load carrying duties of the discontinued Nissan Cedric and Gloria delivery vans. The Avenir appeared after the Subaru Legacy wagon, but before the Toyota Caldina wagon. The Avenir's appearance was not shared with another Nissan sedan, although it was sold as the estate version of the Primera in European markets. The name Avenir is French for "future", and it was exclusive to Nissan Bluebird Store Japanese dealerships, as it was a replacement for the Bluebird wagon.

  • List of Jatco transmissions


    Nissan and its spinoff, Jatco, have produced a large number of automatic transmissions for many auto makers.

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