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  • Ocean Isle Beach house fire


    The Ocean Isle Beach house fire occurred on October 28, 2007. Shortly before 7:00 AM, EDT, a four alarm fire severely damaged a three-story beach house on a waterfront lot on Scotland Street in Ocean Isle Beach, a town in Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States. The house was occupied by 13 college students on a weekend vacation and was owned by the family of one. Twelve of the college students attended the University of South Carolina, Columbia campus, while the thirteenth attended Clemson University. Seven people were killed, all by smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. It was the deadliest fire in Brunswick county in decades. Although smoke alarms were present and had activated within the house, it had no sprinkler system or alarm monitoring system, neither of which were required by building codes or local laws. Survivors of the fire said smoke detectors woke them "with only moments to escape." The following September, many students joined several of the survivors and mothers of fire victims in a trip to Washington DC to advocate additional congressional efforts regarding fire safety and prevention.

  • List of tallest buildings in Myrtle Beach


    Myrtle Beach Skyline This list of tallest buildings ranks high rises in the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by height and floor count. The tallest building in Myrtle Beach is the Margate Tower, which is the third tallest building in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach (population 28,292) has a very large skyline for a city of its size. Rank NameHeightft / m Floors Year Note 1 Margate Tower 329 / 100 29 2004 Third tallest building in South Carolina 2 Anderson Ocean Club 199 / 61 21 2006 3 Paradise Resort 198 / 61 20 2006 4 Barcelona Tower 155 / 47 14 2006 5 Grand Dunes 125 / 38 10 2007 High rises with unknown heights (20 stories or greater). Rank Name Floors Year Notes 1 Maisons-Sur-Mer 25 1975 2 Grande Palms at Kingston Shores 24 2007 3 Ocean Forest Plaza 23 1986 4 The Palace Hotel 23 1985 5 The Myrtle Beach Resort 22 1987 6 Beach Colony Resort Tower I 22 1986 7 Sea Watch North Tower 20 8 Oceans One Phase I 20 2008 9 Cayman Tower 20 2007 10 Carolina Grande 20 2006

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