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  • Andrew Love (musician)


    Andrew Love (November 21, 1941 – April 12, 2012) was a saxophone player based in Memphis, Tennessee, best known for being a member of The Memphis Horns. Love was born in Memphis and began his interest in music at the Baptist church where his father was pastor. His music education continued in high school and at Langston University in Oklahoma. He returned to Memphis in 1965 and began session work at Stax Records where he teamed up with trumpet player Wayne Jackson. The two created the signature horn sound at Stax on hit records by Otis Redding, Sam & Dave and others. After recording numerous tracks at Stax, he and Jackson incorporated themselves into The Memphis Horns and began freelancing. Love and Jackson recorded at sessions for such artists as Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Dusty Springfield. The duo also toured with The Doobie Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, Robert Cray and numerous other performers. In 2002, Love was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease which forced his retirement the following year and his eventual death in 2012 at age 70. Al Bell, co-owner of Stax records, said "I love saxophone players, and I have many saxophone players I admire and hold in high esteem. But I have never heard a saxophone player who affects and penetrates me like Andrew Love. It was the spirit in him, and you could feel it in the music. He could arouse your deepest emotions, but he would do it gently, softly. It was like he was making love to your soul."

  • Windland Smith Rice


    Sandra Windland "Wendy" Smith Rice (1970–2005) was an American nature and animal photographer.

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