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  • A roads in Zone 1 of the Great Britain numbering scheme


    Roundabout on the A189 spine road between Woodhorn and Ellington near to Linton The numbering zones for A-roads in Great Britain List of A roads in zone 1 in Great Britain beginning north of the Thames, east of the A1 (roads beginning with 1).

  • King Street (Roman road)


    King street at Stowe, LincolnshireKing Street is the name of a modern road on the line of a Roman road. It runs on a straight course in eastern England, between the City of Peterborough and South Kesteven in Lincolnshire. This English name has long been applied to the part which is still in use and which lies between Ailsworth Heath, in the south and Kate's Bridge, in the north. The old road continued to Bourne thence north-westwards to join Ermine Street south of Ancaster. This part of Ermine Street is called High Dike. In the south, King Street joined Ermine Street close to the River Nene, north of Durobrivae. The whole is I. D. Margary's Roman road number 26. (Margary pp. 232–234)

  • Cabra, Dublin


    Cabra () is an inner suburb on the northside of Dublin city in Ireland. It is approximately northwest of the city centre, in the administrative area of Dublin City Council. It was commonly known as Cabragh until the early 20th century.

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