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  • Toyota Group


    The is a group of companies that have supplier, vendor and investment relationships with Toyota Industries and Toyota Motor vehicle manufacturing facilities. It is similar to a keiretsu in that no particular entity has outright control over the entire group, although unlike most keiretsu it does not contain a major bank.

  • TABC, Inc.


    TABC is a manufacturing plant in Long Beach, California, located at 6375 North Paramount Boulevard. Established in 1972, TABC was the first Toyota plant in North America. A subsidiary of TEMA (Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc.), the plant occupies . It is the primary supplier of parts for the Toyota Tacoma truck sub-assembly. It also produces stamped metal components for Corollas. Additionally, TABC manufactures spare parts, for Toyota's North American Manufacturing Facilities. Corolla stamped parts are also exported to Japan and Canada. In 2004, TABC began assembly of the first, U.S. produced Hino commercial truck. This assembly line was removed from TABC in 2008. After producing truckbeds for the Toyota Pickup and Tacoma for over 30 years, TABC ceased truckbed production in 2004. This business moved to Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California. TABC now focuses its energy in many different areas, which is a challenge unique to TABC. Small in size and high in diversity, TABC is a distinct departure from a "standard" Toyota manufacturing plant.

  • List of Toyota factories


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